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The Most Powerful Logistics Software in the UK

Established in 1979 with almost 40 years experience in the development and installation of planning software, our reputation as provider of the UK's most flexible logistics package is backed up by market leading companies from a diverse range of industries.

"Easy-to-Use" off-the-shelf software that can be used for Daily Scheduling, Strategic Fleet Planning, Trunking, Supply Chain Analysis & Workforces and also customised if necessary to suit individual business requirements.

Using standard data interfaces the package can be up and running within days.

New  February 2017 Software now available to download from our Customer Zone

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Vehicle Scheduling

This module provides the means to model the entire distribution operation of a company at the finest level of detail, minimising travelling time and maximising vehicle utilisation.
Our intuitive "Drag and Drop" interface allows you to easily modify routes as you want.

Over 35 years of working closely with customers on this module has led to many enhancements to make this a most powerful tool for any business.


Supply Chain Analysis

This module can be given a depot supply-chain network and utilizes it using sophisticated algorithms to minimise operating costs for a span of several days or even months.
The allocation of accounts is fully integrated with the DiPS Strategic Route Planning System to allow immediate scheduling.

This flexible and easy to use tool can help your business cut its costs from day one

"DiPS powerful yet flexible software can be tailored to your individual needs"

Depot Location

Complete depot structures may be modelled to reflect different product "paths" from origin to destination. Any combination of factory, depot, transhipment point, satellite depot etc. can be represented. It is possible to define a comprehensive set of cost parameters to cover all aspects of an operation

DiPS also features the ability to determine the optimal location to place a centralised depot to help your business decide where it is best situated.


Daily Route Planning

The Daily Planning module takes sales orders and optimises delivery schedules utilising the depot network and vehicles available. An interface between DiPS and mainframe computers to transfer order and route information is available as a standard feature of the package.

We tailor interface programs specifically for your needs as part of our standard installation. We have already developed links for packages such as SAP, JBA, JDE, OPUS, and many other bespoke SOP and Warehouse systems.

"DiPS goes above and beyond a simple logistics package"

Trunking Networks

DiPS Shipment data can also be employed to account for movement of produce from one location to another, for example back-loading from supplier to a factory location, as part of a distribution operation. This is employed to plan trunking operations and can even be extended to include "via" points, where loads are staged for onward movement by another resource.

Trunking networks allow you to more closely model real life and find ways to optimise distribution across the country.


Schedule Engineers/Sales Force Plan

This module is designed to produce one day’s routes from a given file of jobs. The program is able to make multiple passes through the data to solve all of the constraints that have been placed on the solution.
Using a sophisticated set of algorithms, this module can handle many permutations of skills, meetings, times, locations and many other parameters.

This module is a fine demonstration of how DiPS is capable of going above and beyond vehicle routing capabilities.

"DiPS work with you every step of the way, offering a professional yet personal service to every customer"

Satellite Tracking

DiPS can be easily interfaced with any satellite tracking program allowing you to take full advantage of this technology and further optimise routes through real-time visibility of your fleet and comparing actual vs planned data.
DiPS is already being used with Microlise and Isotrak systems and can be modified to work with any others through our bespoke interfaces.

DiPS is equipped with a powerful array of importing, exporting and reporting tools. All DiPS data can be easily exported out in a variety of formats ready to be integrated with a variety of other technologies including warehouse management systems.


Manage Fixed Routes

DiPS can be easily set-up with intelligent fixed routing management - where all or some of your routes need to use a pre-defined pattern.
After working closely with market leaders in the brewing industry, DiPS is now able to offer a variety of options, from traditional fixed routes downloaded with orders or maintained in the database, to continually updated schedules based on last weeks routes, and even zonal scheduling based upon customer postcode.

DiPS fixed routes allow you to be even more efficient with your daily planning, saving time and money.